Hello. I am an Award-Winning Photography Director from the Village Voice. I have well-over 15 years of experience in publishing from photo editing, photo art directing, producing, concepts and researching for both print and digital media.

Previously, head of the photo department for both Runner's World Magazine and Muscle & Fitness Hers as the Photo Editor, and Photo Shoot Producer for Shape publication. I have had to work on freelance projects for Maxim, Stuff, and Vegetarian Times.
I am passionate about documentary photography & film making and have begun a personal project about my father's family immigrating from Italy to the U.S. The opening footage begins in a cemetery, with the main subject giving a tour wearing Italian loafers and no socks!
Want to collaborate, or create something together, send me an email or text!


Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Photography

Brooks Institute of Photography

Santa Barbara, CA ·


Photo Art Direction, Location Scouting, Casting, Portfolio reviews, Website & Portfolio Edits, Marketing Strategies